If you watch the news at the moment, you would be forgiven for thinking that it is impossible to find peace right now. However, if you take a moment to stop and breathe you can find peace all around us. 

When you wake up in the morning take a moment to just listen. Go outside if you can and just appreciate what is around you. There will probably never be a time in our lives again where the mornings are as quiet as they are now. The hustle and bustle of ‘normal’ everyday life is not there, the usual rush hour traffic is not there (it is increasing but not the same) and the sounds of car horns, sirens and lastminute dashes to the trains are reduced. Instead, this has been replaced by stillness, calmness and the peaceful sounds of the gentle summer breeze and the birds singing. If we cannot enjoy this now, then we probably never will.

Although it may seem bizarre to say it in these uncertain times, I have probably never felt this relaxed or at peace for a very long time. Despite all the government restrictions in place we have been resilient enough and creative enough to still be able to spend quality time with our friends and families. For some of us we have probably spent more quality time with our families over the past couple of months than we ever have before. I know for a fact that I have played more Monopoly over the past couple of months than I ever have before or ever will again. Our Saturday evening board game sessions via Zoom is something that I genuinely look forward to and bring me peace knowing that I can spend time with my family, even if it is virtually. 

“You can now meet up with one person outside your household.” Hearing this in the daily government updates was a moment that I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Being able to actually meet up with friends or family after all this time was such a wonderful feeling. I for one felt a sense of inner peace. All the stresses of the world could be put to one side. I’ve always appreciated and valued time spent with friends and family but that level of appreciation right now has hit an all time high. This week, for the first time since lockdown started, I was able to meet up with  and spend quality time with one of my closest friends. We spent a couple of hours walking around a beautiful country park and catching up. I got home that evening and I just felt so content and at peace. 

We may be living in uncertain times. We may be facing unfamiliar circumstances. We may feel as though the world is crumbling around us. It is ok to feel like this. But as long as we remember that we are in charge of our own peace, we will always be able to find peace all around us. 

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